Delivery conditions

Collection in our salons

In Vilnius:
”GBF” Furniture paradise Kalvariju st. 125, Vilnius
Working hours: I-F 10.00-20.00, VI 10.00-18.00, VII 10.00-15.00

In Kaunas:
“GBF”, Nemunas baldai Taikos pr. 125B, Kaunas
Working hours: I-F 10:00-19:00, VI 10:00-16:00, VII Closed

in Klaipėda:
“GBF” Nemunas furniture Baltijo p. 10, Klaipėda
Working hours: I-F 10.00-19.00, VI 10.00-16.00, VII Closed

In Šiauliai:
UAB LBI, Vyturiu st. 8E, Šiauliai
Working hours: I-F 8.00-16.00, VI-VII We are closed

Delivery at the desired address

We care that the customer who has purchased our furniture should not have any worries, so we offer to order the service of furniture delivery, delivery and assembly.


Delivery price

The price of furniture delivery in Vilnius, Kaunas, Klaipėda, Šiauliai and Panevėžys is 25 euros.
Delivery of furniture in other cities of Lithuania (except Neringa) – 40 euros.


Free delivery

If the order amount is 700 euros or more when ordering in the online store, we will deliver the furniture for free.
At your request, the employees of our company will take the purchased furniture to the required floor and collect it for an additional fee.
Ask for the rates of these services by e-mail. by mail or tel. +37061494037.

Return and exchange conditions

Returning goods of inappropriate quality

Furniture with defects caused by manufacturing fault are exchanged for new quality furniture items or their necessary parts.
We undertake at our own expense to replace the defective product with a product of suitable quality or return the money paid for the product and cover the return costs.
After receiving a product with a defect, contact the company’s customer service specialist by e-mail. by mail or tel. +37061494037. After receiving photos that clearly show the defect, we will analyze the situation and provide a decision whether to replace the entire product or only part of it. We will pick up defective furniture from your home ourselves.
Goods of inappropriate quality are exchanged or returned in accordance with the “Rules for returning and exchanging goods”, approved in 2001. June 29 by order of the Minister of Economy no. 217.

Return and exchange of goods of suitable quality

Return and exchange of goods when purchasing in the salon

Quality furniture purchased in our salons is non-returnable and non-exchangeable.
Clause 17 of the Retail Trade Rules provides a list of goods that can be returned in good quality only with the consent of the seller. You can familiarize yourself with the aforementioned rules at

Return and exchange of goods when purchasing in the online store

To return a product ordered online, inform us by e-mail at within 14 working days of receiving the shipment. After receiving your request, we will contact you regarding the return of the product.
The buyer must deliver the returned goods to the goods collection warehouses in Vilnius, Kaunas, Klaipėda or Šiauliai. The cost of returning the product is paid by the buyer.
The shipment must contain:

  • Product with tags in original packaging;
  • Receipt or invoice for the purchase of the product.

Product appearance

  • The goods must be in their original undamaged packaging (the original packaging must not be addressed, covered with adhesive tape or otherwise damaged);
  • The product must be undamaged by the buyer;
  • The product must be unused, uncollected, without losing its commercial appearance (labels intact, protective film not torn off, etc.).
  • This clause does not apply when a defective product is returned;
  • The returned item must be in the same package as the one received by the Buyer;
  • Returned goods must be placed in protective (transport) packaging;
  • Upon receipt of damaged packaging or a product that does not meet the requirements of the return rules, the money will not be refunded;
  • Changes to the appearance of the packaging, which were necessary to inspect the received product (color, material), are not considered essential changes to the appearance of the product.

Damage during transportation

If the product was damaged during transportation by our company’s employees, in this case we will compensate for all losses. However, if the customer organizes the transportation or return of the product, the customer is responsible for damage to the product during transportation.
When picking up the ordered goods, check the condition of the shipment and the goods and sign the consignment note or other shipment transfer – acceptance document. In the event that during the transfer – reception of the goods you notice violations of the package and/or the external appearance of the goods, inconsistencies in the composition of the goods, be sure to note this in the document of the transfer – reception of the package and, in the presence of the representative who delivered or issued the package to you. If the customer signs the consignment note without comments, it is considered that the shipment has been delivered intact and we do not assume responsibility for:

  • damage to the goods, if the basis for the occurrence of such damage is not a manufacturing defect;
  • inconsistencies in the product package, if these inconsistencies can be determined during the external inspection of the goods.

Inform us about the observed defects of the shipment that occurred during transportation by e-mail. by mail

Non-returnable items

  • used goods (assembled furniture);
  • goods that are ordered in customer salons or by e-mail by mail, when there is an individually selected furniture model, color, fabric, etc. The customer confirms his choice by paying the advance.
  • goods that have been unpacked after delivery and are unsuitable for return due to health or hygiene reasons (e.g. mattresses).

The return of goods of suitable quality is possible in 2001 by the Minister of Economy. August 17 by order no. 258 of the approved “Rules for the sale of goods and provision of services when contracts are concluded using means of communication”.


If the returned goods meet the requirements of the return rules, the money will be transferred to your bank account no later than 7 working days after receiving the returned goods. If your returned goods do not meet the requirements of the return rules, the money will not be refunded.